Sunday, March 5, 2017

Be Proud of Your Faith

          As Christians we should be proud of our faith. We should pass our faith on to everyone we meet. Exemplifying God and his love for all. In todays society it can be hard, to open up and tell everyone that your a Christian and that you believe in God. Society has put an emphasis on being anti-religious. It takes our beliefs and pushes them down, tells everyone that they are the reason for so many bad things happening in the world. Christians are the reason we cant get along with Gay people or woman who want abortions, Christians are the people who walk up and down the street throwing bibles in peoples faces and preaching to everyone.
           Thats a little extreme I know. But that is how many people see us. We are seen in some of the worst ways and it is because of the actions of a few people. We are made to believe that our faith is the problem. This is completely wrong. Our faith is not the problem, our faith is how we survive. We don't need to bagger people with our faith all we need is to let God speak through us. Whether its buying a homeless person something warm to eat, giving  our friends and family help in times of need. Making boxes for children on Christmas when there may not be things for them under the tree otherwise. Being a Christian is more then holding to the bible its how you act when no one is watching but God. How you live your life when you have nothing. Giving our all in order to be more like him.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Home Coming is one of the best times in the whole of deployment! You've waited so many months, so many days and hours to see your loved one and now its finally happening. He or She is coming home. But what does that mean? will it be like in the movies? you rush into their arms and embrace in a passionate make out session? Do you get lifted high in the air and stare lovingly into their eyes? Not exactly... Like everything else there are rules. If you are a Girlfriend or Boyfriend the best way to receive any information regarding Homecoming is the parent of your loved one. They will have received an email or letter notice about any and all pertinent information regarding the event.
    The rules of homecoming may be different for each branch, however for the most part they revolve around a similar basis, keeping everyone safe and the affair respectful. You may be allowed to make signs which you can hang on the main highway entering into the perspective pick up zone. Or you can carry them into the meeting place. Outfits should always be respectful yet appropriate for the weather. I will say do not expect the whole scene where as soon as he gets off the bus you can rush into his arms or think that youll be there when he gets off the plane. For many branches and companies this is against the rules. The homecoming event coordinators will give you a place to meet and a time that your loved ones may return...However as the military is always in action, do not hold this date and time solid. There maybe changes and the event may get moved time-wise or even date.
     They will be tired! when your loved one comes home they will be tired they just went through a flight and drive from a different time zone. They may not want to do anything the night they come back. That is okay. Don't force it. You can always do something the second night, whether that's go out with their family or just have a date night with the two of you.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why He Wont Talk About It

            For many this article may hit home. Being in the military there are things that our significant others cant or wont talk about. If your like me and you feel like you need to know something for your own sanity, then you may just have to go insane... but not really. In the year that I have been with my Boyfriend I have learned that certain experiences or times within his service are off limits, to any conversation. The explanation I received for all my begging and pleading with him over it, was dissatisfying to say the least. "I just simply, don't want to talk about it."
             This sounds like we're getting no where, right? Wrong. Through all of my begging and pleading and time after time struggling to get him to open up, I finally was able to get him to tell me the real reason they just don't want to talk.
            They cant tell us due to SPEC OP. SPEC OP is a mysterious creature that runs through out any military branch or level. It is a set of rules that is kept in order to keep service members and their families safe. SPEC OP is one of the most annoying things you will have to deal with, if you are an information seeker or someone who gets so excited about things they want to tell the world.
            They don't know how you will react, and don't want to worry or scare you. This happens more often then not. Your service member knows that He/ She is going to be in a dangerous situation, even when its just field training. They don't tell us what is going on because they don't want us to be worried or to think the worst every time they leave the house. Many military members try to avoid talking about what happened because even if they think it was the most amazing thing in the world, they know that all we see is the potential to be a widow or deal with large amounts of medical bills.
            We cant relate to them sometimes. This is also very true. Unless you've gone through the personal training and you've been through all of the missions and work, we really cant relate to our loved ones on a personal level. We can try and there are things that you can connect deeply on, but this will not be one of them. Even if you grew up as an military child it is one thing to have experienced it passively, then to have actually done it.
            Sometimes they really just don't want to talk. At first this was earth shatteringly hard for me to deal with. My boyfriend just didn't want to tell me about his day. I would ask and I would get the same response I always got, "Fine. How was your day? What did you do?" it took us half a year to break down the walls and to finally start telling each other about what we did. Sometimes it takes patience, showing our loved one that your there to listen to them. Even if you don't understand the jargon you can still have a wonderful time listening to them tell you all about how they saved some one from a grenade or how they did on their rifle range. Make the effort to learn what their talking about and just give it time. They will talk if they want to or if they can.